Watermark Filter Presses

West General has been providing our customers with high qaulity filter press systems for over 30 years.
Filter Press Spare Parts

The filter press is among the most widely used liquid/solids filtration and separation device obtainable. It is a very cost effective way of producing high solids filter cake, along with an extremely high degree of clarity in the liquid effluent. All units are easy to operate and maintain with minimal operator attendance. Also known as a plate and frame filter press.

Contact West General for information about how our filter press systems can handle the following: wine, ceramics, clarification of acids, solvents and process solutions, dewatering hazardous waste, dewatering of industrial sludges, and much more.

Information needed for filter press quote:

  • Type of slurry to be processed
  • Amount of slurry to be processed in a given amount of time expressed in either:
    • - Gallons per minute, per hour, per day, or per week
    • - Pounds of dry solids per time period
  • Number of hours per day, and days per week the process operates
  • Percent solids (on a dry-weight basis) in slurry
  • Specific gravity of slurry if available
  • Process operating temperature
  • Density of wet filter cake
  • Chemical conditioning amounts if required (D.E., etc.)
  • Press location: Indoor or outdoor, temperature range
  • Desired cake thickness (std. is 32mm - 1 1/4")
  • Desired closure & control automation (Specify: Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic)