Filter Press Parts

West General provides OEM spare parts for most filter press models, including MW Watermark, JWI/J-press, USFilter, Siemens, and more.

West General has provided thousands of filter presses to water treatment customers over the years. We can assist you with spare parts for your equipment, including filter presses and sludge dryers. Most parts are in stock ready for immediate shipment from the central warehouse in Michigan. This includes plates, cloths, gasket, pumps, centerfeed assemblies, manuals, and most other items you may need for maintenance or repair. We can recommend companies that provide troubleshooting advice and service. When you call, have your model number and serial number handy, and let us do our best to serve you!

Here is a partial list of the spare parts we provide. Please contact us for more information.

Filter Pack

  • Backup Plate Feed
  • Filter Cloth. End
  • Filter Cloth, Intermediate
  • Filter Plate, Gasketed, With Cloth
  • Filter Plate, Non-Gasketed, With Cloth
  • Cloth Installation Pounding Wedge
  • Gasket Material (100 Foot Roll)
  • Spatula, Plate Cleaning, 40" Long

Hydraulic System

  • Adapter Kit for Style 55 Cylinder
  • Bellows, Closing Cylinder
  • Cylinder, Hydraulic Closing, 10" Bore X 24" Stroke, Style 55
  • Element, Filter, Hydraulic Oil
  • Filter, Hydraulic Oil
  • Filling, Air Side
  • Fitting, Hydraulic Side
  • Hydraulic Module, Dual Pump, Tested & Set
  • Pump, Hydraulic, M-21
  • Pump, Hydraulic, M-71
  • Seal Kit, Cylinder - Piston & Cylinder
  • Seal Kit, Cylinder - Rod Gland
  • Seal Kit, M-21 Hydraulic: Pump
  • Seal Kit, M-71 Hydraulic Pump
  • Valve, Hydraulic Pressure Release
  • Valve, Hydraulic Pressure Relief

Air System

  • Air Filter
  • Air Filter Element (Norgren Brand Filter)
  • Air Filter Element (Parker Brand Filter)
  • Air Module, Dual Ratio
  • Element, Exhaust Silencer
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Gauge, Air, 0-160 psi (Regulator)
  • Regulator, 0-125 psi
  • Spool Valve


  • Control Panel, Complete
  • Control Switch Assembly, Air Supply / Hydraulic Pump
  • Control Switch Assembly, Open-Close
  • Gauge, 0-160 psi
  • Gauge, 0-6000 psi
  • Hydraulic Hose, 44.50"
  • Kit, Colored Hose


  • Roller, Distance Piece, Delrin
  • Roller. Follower, Delrin

Manifold and Piping

  • Butterfly Valve. 3". S.S.
  • Centerfeed Assembly, 3" Diameter X 18" Length, S.S.
  • Centerfeed Assembly, 3" Diameter X 20" Length, S.S.
  • Liner Pipes, 2" X 18", S S.
  • Liner Pipes, 2" X 20". S S.
  • Lock Nut, 2". Delrin
  • Regulator, Air. 0.50" npt. 0-60 psi, with Gauge